WorldMontana®is currently searching for 2-3 interns.  Internships are run out of our office in Helena, MT.  Our office is located in St. Charles Hall room 108 at Carroll College.  For the summer both paid and for-credit internships are available. Arrangements  to receive school credit can be made through Carroll College. To apply please send your resume and cover letter to Executive Director Sasha Fendrick at office@worldmontana.org.  Additionally, you may choose to fill out and submit the following application: WorldMontana Internship Application_2016.

Summer Internships 2016

We are primarily seeking people to fill the following internship positions:  Media Outreach Internship, and Program Coordinator Internship.  The specific duties and tasks required for each internship, depending on WorldMontana’s needs, may be adjusted to accommodate the intern’s interests and skill set.  Intern candidates who are seeking college credit must be available for 6-10 hours per week during daytime business hours in order to participate in our program.  For intern candidates who are seeking a paid position hours are more flexible with a range of 20-30 hours/week.  Paid positions are limited and at $10/hour.

  • Media Outreach Internship: 
    • Maintain up to date information on organization’s website
    • Post to organization’s social media websites
    • Curate online photography gallery
    • Work with a variety of visitors from many different cultures and countries
    • Reach out to media contacts to announce international visitors
    • Hour requirements for college credit: 6-10 hours/week
    • Hour requirements for pay: 20-30 hours/week
  • Program Coordinator Internship: 
    • Accompany student groups on a wide range of visits and day activities
    • Work with other organizations to coordinate events
    • Provide logistical support for complex multi-day events
    • Make and answer professional phone calls
    • Work with a variety of visitors from many different cultures and countries


Our program is open to college students, recent graduates, and members of the community.  Applicants must be open to people of other cultures, beliefs, customs, etc.

Application Procedures:
When applying, your application package should contain the following:

1. Resume and Cover Letter submitted to Sasha Fendrick at office@worldmontana.org
2. Completed and signed Internship Application *optional*
– Documentation should be submitted as a Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) or PDF File

Submitting Your Application:
Once you’ve assembled all required materials, you may submit your application via email to: office@worldmontana.org with the subject: INTERN APPLICATION: [Your Name]. In a single email, please attach your application, and any supporting materials.


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